Humble Beginnings

Published August 14th, 2018 by Unknown

I purchased our truck in November of 2016. I had already developed a concept for a food truck but once I purchased this truck, that was previously a successful Taco Truck by another name, I placed that idea on hold. We wanted to repaint the truck or get it wrapped but then we came up with the crazy idea of Bed Liner! It was durable and made us stand out and we loved the “Murdered Out” (All Black) look. So much so we decided to Bed Line the old Mercedes SUV I am using as my vehicle for supply purchases and catering to match!

In January of 2017 we passed DOH and had finally gotten all the required regulatory and compliance issues completed. That’s another story for another time! I had been planning our opening for a long time and was sure I had thought of everything…

My concept was to be open for breakfast and lunch. Our very first event was a dinner for one of the local YMCA site’s Employee appreciation night. Notice the words DINNER and NIGHT? Well, as the sun started to go down we quickly realized I hadn’t thought of everything. We had no lights! In my defense my Business Plan was for Breakfast and Lunch and the sun is up then.

Lucky for Dia De Los Tacos I am married to an amazing woman! My wife raced to a nearby Lowe’s and bought a few lamps and flashlights and rushed back to the truck. The dinner was a huge success and Dia De Los Tacos was born!

We have come a long ways from our first job and we continue to improve and have fun doing what we do. I feel blessed to be able to do what we do…Create good food and share it with great people. Our belief is more than just serving food, it’s to create a whole positive food experience.

One of the things we say is that when you come to our truck your not just a customer, you become part of our Familia. Our Ohana. Our Family. We truly mean that and honestly appreciate all of the love, Aloha and support we have been shown. We enjoy sharing our story, our food and our passion with all of our amazing customers and feel especially blessed to be able to do so on this amazing Island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Planning and Launching this business has been like a dream come true for me. A few times the dream was scary, but all in all it has been an amazing journey that I hope continues for a long, long time!

See you at the Truck,


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